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Tips to maintain digestive health

We are what we eat, hence the maintenance of our digestive health has to begin at the mouth. Apart from medications and treatments, good dietary choices are crucial to prevent digestive problems.

1. Eat warm food.

There is an optimum temperature for our digestive system to digest and metabolise foods well. Too much raw and cold food, or cold drinks consumed during mealtime, will upset the temperature balance and slow down the digestive process.

2. Eat in moderation.

Overeating will lead to food stagnation in our body.

3. Avoid eating too much fried food, spicy food, dairy products and alcohol.

This range of food can aggravate digestive disorders and cause discomfort.

4. Take pungent foods moderately to aid digestion.

Pungent foods like garlic, chillies, peppers, onions and ginger facilitate gastrointestinal movements, dispel gas and promote appetite. However, overeating them may cause abdominal pain due to over-stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract.

5. Limit your fluid intake during meals.

Drinking only a small amount of warm fluid with meals is better for digestion. Wine drunk in moderation is also useful for digestion.

6. A little salt in your diet is important for good health.

In TCM, salt helps to clear internal body Heat and toxins as it facilitates bowel movements. However, too much salt will increase the risk of cardiovascular and kidney diseases.

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