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Fish Maw with Lotus Root Soup

This nourishing soup is tasty, great for the skin, and an excellent food combination for confinement mothers. Fish Maw is a great ingredient that helps nourish kidneys, blood, and ‘yin’, while Lotus Root may help improve blood circulation and digestion.

Tip: The longer the Lotus Roots are cooked, the darker (redder) the soup becomes. This increases the Blood nourishing property which otherwise is more cleansing.

Ingredients used in recipe

  • 10g Shouwu (unprocessed)
  • 300g Lotus Root (fresh, 1 root section)
  • 10g Fish Maw (fried)
  • 150g Lean Pork
  • 5 pieces (unpitted) Red Dates
  • 10g Longan Fruit
  • 10g White Dittany Bark
  • A little Salt
  • 2 slices Fresh Ginger
  • 1200ml Water


  1. Cut the lean pork into bite size pieces and scald with hot water.
  2. Soak the fried fish maw until soften.
  3. Bring the water to Boil, add all the herbs and ingredients and simmer for 1 hour.
  4. Add salt to taste.