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4 Ways to Use Monk Fruit

Ever heard of the Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo)?

It's great for relieving coughs, soothing sore throats, reducing phlegms and other discomforts.

Light, airy and most commonly seen in transparent acrylic boxes at the Chinese Medical Halls, these balls of goodness can be transformed to TCM cough remedies in <20mins.


Every now and then, Jon whips up pots of these Monk Fruit Tea together with other TCM products from Eu Yan Sang Singapore to keep our lean team in tip-top condition:

  1. Monk Fruit aka Luo Han Guo (Available at all Eu Yan Sang stores)
  2. Loquat Compound aka Pi Pa Gao
  3. Anti-Bacterial Propolis Mouth Spray

Try these FOUR Luo Han Guo based remedies today!

Remedy for Phlegm Clearing:
罗汉果 Monk Fruit Tea
3g 川贝母 Chuan Bei Mu
3g 珍珠贝 Zhen Zhu Bei
6g 杏仁 Almond
3g 陈皮 Tangerine Skin

Remedy for Throat Relief and Voice Enhancement:
罗汉果 Monk Fruit Tea
9g 乌梅 Sour Plum
3g 胖大海 Malva Nut

Remedy for Moisturising Throat:
Premium Snow Fungus Bird Nest
罗汉果 Monk Fruit Tea

Remedy for Nasal Relief:
老姜茶 Aged Ginger Tea
罗汉果 Monk Fruit Tea
6g 夷花 Lily Magnolia
6g 薄荷 Mint

For the best effects, get your hands on Eu Yan Sang’s Loquat Compound and Propolis Mouth Spray and go about your day with comfort and ease.




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