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Chilled Abalone with Licorice Root & Solomon's Seal & Duck Infused with American Ginseng

By NATURA Magazine. 23 Jan 2014

Duck Infused with American Ginseng

Ingredients (Serves ten)

3–4 pieces Duck Drumstick (whole &
100g American Ginseng
150g American Ginseng (mashed)
500g Water
150g Vegetarian Stock
A pinch of salt
100g American Ginseng
200g Water
½tsp Chicken Powder
2tbsp Vegetarian Stock



1.Mix 100g of American Ginseng with 200g of water. Place mixture into steamer; steam for two hours.

2. Add the other ingredients slowly and thicken with wheat starch. Set aside.


1. Wash the deboned duck and leave to dry. Add seasoning and marinate for two to three hours. Drain any water and wrap the duck in cling film.

 2. Put the marinated duck into a steamer; steam for approximately 1.5 hours. Remove and set aside to cool. Slice duck, and add prepared sauce.


Chilled Abalone with Licorice Root and Solomon’s Seal

Ingredients (Serves one)

1pc Fresh Abalone
4pcs Licorice Root
4pcs Solomon’s Seal
500g Chicken Feet
500g Lean Meat
200g Oyster Sauce
500g American Ginseng (mashed)
100g Spring Onion
100g Ginger
60g Rock Sugar
2pcs Duck Feet
3l Water


1. Combine ingredients and boil for an hour.

2. Portion out 1kg, add Licorice Root and Solomon’s Seal, and cook for half an hour. Add wheat starch to thicken the sauce. Set aside to cool.


1. Put fresh abalone into steamer; steam for an hour. Remove and soak for one minute in abalone sauce.

2. Slice the abalone and drizzle with more abalone sauce.