Tips for a Healthy, Rosy Complexion

In TCM theory, the Heart, Lungs and Spleen have different roles to play to ensure skin health. Generally, when the three organs are working in harmony, the skin is nourished and glows with radiance.

When the Heart is healthy, we will have a rosy and lustrous complexion due to the smooth flow of Qi and Blood in the body. If there is a deficiency, the skin will present a dull complexion.

The Lungs control the circulation of Qi and Blood in our body to moisten our skin and body hair. If the Lungs’ function is impaired, our skin may become rough and dry.

The Spleen is the primary organ for digestion which supplies Qi and Blood to the Heart and the Lungs. If there is disharmony in the Spleen, our lips will be dry and pale. When the Spleen is healthy, the lips will be moist and rosy.

Eating foods and herbs that can nourish the Yin and Qi, as well as promote Blood production, can help improve skin health. Include the following in your diet to maintain a healthy, rosy complexion:

• Bird’s Nest (Yanwo, 燕窝)

• White Fungus (Baimuer, 白木耳)

• Chinese Wolfberries (Gouqizi, 枸杞子)

• Red Dates (Hongzao, 红枣)

• Astragalus Root (Huangqi, 黄芪)

• Lily Bulbs (Baihe, 百合)

• Poria (Fuling, 茯苓)

• Chinese Ginseng (Zhongguorenshen, 中国人参)

• Chinese Angelica (Danggui, 当归)

• Solomon’s Seal (Yuzhu, 玉竹)

• Coix Barley (Yiyiren, 薏苡仁)

• Ganoderma Mushroom (Lingzhi, 灵芝)

• Black Sesame Seeds (Heizima, 黑芝麻)

• Licorice Root (Gancao, 甘草)

• Psoralea seeds (Buguzhi, 补骨脂)

• Fleeceflower Root (Heshouwu, 何首乌)

In TCM, beauty and health are synonymous. When internal health is achieved, it will manifest visibly through your skin’s complexion.


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