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The Perfect Lunar New Year Dishes

For 142 years, Eu Yan Sang has been a trusted household name that has cared for generations of families. With our array of products, we have journeyed with you every day as well as during festive occasions. This Lunar New Year, we continue to bring you quality and trusted products for you to appreciate your loved ones with the very best of wellness and wishes.

This is why the Lunar New Year reunion dinner remains one of the most important family events in the Chinese calendar. It isn’t just about feasting or the commemoration of a tradition, but it’s also about the renewal of kinship. This is the best time to bond with your family, and let Eu Yan Sang contribute to the treasured ingredients that go into your communal dinner!

Whether it’s Abalones, Wild American Ginseng, Bird’s Nest, dried Scallops, Mushrooms or Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, you can’t go wrong with any of these well-loved delicacies!

We have especially created these easy-to-prepare recipes just for you - whip up a Prosperous reunion dinner and get them ready in no time at all, try them today!