TCM Made Simple

TCM essentials for every man

1. Boost Your Vitality

Qi deficiency is the leading factor behind lethargy. Increase your energy levels and stave off fatigue with common herbs which tonify the Qi such as Ginseng (Renshen, 人参), Astralagus (Huangqi, 黄芪), Codonopsis root (Dangshen, 党参) and Licorice root (Gancao, 甘草). Fatigue may be an integral part of a modern man's life, but it doesn't mean there are no solutions to it.

2. Beware Smoker's Cough

If you are experiencing a dry throat, hoarse voice and cough without Phlegm due to excessive drinking and smoking, nourish your throat with Run Fei Soup, providing relief and also treats aphonia, which refers to a partial loss of voice. Herbs like Ophiopogon (Maimendong,麦门冬), Fritillaria Bulb (Chuanbeimu, 川贝母) or White Peony (Baisao, 白芍) are herbs commonly used to moisten the Lungs and mouth.

3. Get Thick, Healthy Hair

In TCM, the condition of our hair is a direct reflection of the condition of our Blood, Liver and Kidneys. Hair is thick, dark, healthy and glossy when there is an abundant flow of kidney essence (Jing) and liver blood. To restore healthy hair, take food and herbs such as Black Sesame Seeds (Heizima, 黑芝麻), Fleeceflower Root (Heshouwu, 何首乌), Chinese Angelica (Danggui, 当归), Black Soybean (Heidou, 黑豆), Prepared Rehmannia Root (Shoudihuang, 熟地黄), Privet Seeds (Nvzhenzi, 女贞子), Cordyceps (Dongcongxiacao, 冬虫夏草) and Ganoderma Mushroom (Ling Zhi, 灵芝).

4. Improve Male Fertility

TCM treatments concentrate on the causes of a health problem, not its symptoms. Male infertility can be treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, which target male-related issues such as testicular pain, enlarged prostate or erectile dysfunction. Speak to a TCM physician and find out more about treatments that cater to you.

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