Massage techniques to boost your child's immunity

Massage Techniques

Children can also undergo therapeutic massages that focus on certain meridians to tonify the digestive system. Such massage is more effective if the child is below the age of five. Do not perform massage on children below the age of one year.

1. Tonifying the Spleen Meridian (Bu Pi Jing, 补脾经)

This massage benefits the digestive system.

Location: On the outer edge of the thumb.

Technique: Stroke the thumb from its tip to its root for one minute.

2. Kneading the Knee (Rou Zu San Li, 揉足三里)

This massage benefits the digestive system. It is good for adults as well as children.

Location:On the outer calf, about four finger widths under the knee bone.

Technique: Press this spot with your thumb until soreness and numbness is felt. Knead for about five minutes.

3. Spine Pinching (Nie Ji, 捏脊)

This massage benefits the whole body. It is suitable for adults as well as children.

Location: Along the spine.

Technique: With your fingers on each side of the base of the spine, pinch and roll the skin upwards till the base of the neck. Repeat 6 times.



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