Cardiovascular Health

Managing Heart Diseases

By NATURA Magazine.

Our Ayurvedic physician recommends:

Dietary changes

Eat More: spices, to enhance consumption and ease digestion; vegetables, for fibre; fresh foods

Eat Less: refrigerated and processed foods

Lifestyle changes

Do More: have regular meal times, and set dinners early; exercise without overexertion; maintain a BMI lower than 25; regular monitoring and maintenance of blood sugar and lipid levels

Do Less: avoid yo-yo weight gain and loss; quit smoking; take alcohol in moderation; avoid mental stress where possible 

Our TCM physician recommends:

Dietary changes

Eat More: fresh-water fish such as salmon

Eat Less: deep-fried, oily and salty food; processed products

Lifestyle changes

Do More: exercise without overexertion; have balanced and regular meals; maintain a healthy outlook of life

Do Less: avoid late nights

Our Western physician recommends:

Dietary changes

Eat More: foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and fibre but low in sodium, calories and fat; fruits, vegetables, wholegrain foods, fish, skinless poultry

Eat Less: simple carbohydrates, saturated/trans fat, fried food, fatty meat, seasonings, alcohol (excessive drinking can raise blood pressure and contribute to high triglycerides and obesity)

Lifestyle changes

Do More: exercise (30 minutes of activity on five or more days a week can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and maintain healthy weight); be happy

Do Less: quit smoking and avoid second-hand smoke


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