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Lingzhi Mushroom Spareribs Soup

By NATURA杂志. 27 Jan 2014

Lingzhi Mushroom Spareribs Soup

Ingredients (serves ten)

15g   American Ginseng
15g Lingzhi Mushroom
20g Longan Fruit
10 pieces Red Dates
A little Salt
2 teaspoons Ginger Liquer
2000ml  Water
600g Spare Ribs
2 strips Green Onions(sliced thinly)
2 slices Fresh Ginger



1. Scald the spareribs with boiling water and remove them.

2. Put the spareribs into a pot along with all ingredients.

3. Bring to boil and then turn down the fire to simmer for 1 hour.

4. Add salt to taste.



• For enhanced effectiveness, the amount of Lingzhi can be doubled. However, the bitter taste will be prominent. Chinese Wolfberries can be used to absorb some of the bitterness of Lingzhi.

• Traditionally, Lingzhi is used to calm the mind hence useful for the treatment of insomnia.


The recipes on this website are crafted and referenced from time-tested practices of Traditional Chinese herbalogy and classical Chinese medical texts. Readers should use their own discretion before incorporating the recipes into their diet and consult their doctor if they have any medical conditions.


Special Thanks to:

Mr Lee Jok Keng for concepts, general editing and comments on the recipes.

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