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Confinement Nourishment in 3 Stages

By NATURA Magazine.

Postpartum Confinement Practices from a TCM Perspective

Postpartum confinement is an important tradition in Chinese culture. It is also termed as "zuò yuè zi." This is a time for new mothers to rest, heal, regain their energy after giving birth.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) helps new mothers recover and balance their energy after giving birth through specialized postpartum care. 

Proper confinement practices is advised to help prevent future health issues and strengthen the mother's overall well-being.

Recommended Foods During Confinement Period:

Warm and nourishing foods are generally recommended during the postpartum period to support the new mum’s recovery and boost energy levels. Common foods include ginger, sesame oil, red dates, and essence of chicken tonics. In TCM, these foods are believed to help replenish blood, regulate qi (vital energy), and provide the necessary nutrients to support the new mother in her lactation journey.

Tips to Boost Milk Supply:
To enhance their milk supply, new mothers can incorporate lactation-boosting foods such as fenugreek, fennel seeds, and oats into their diet. It is also important to stay well hydrated. Getting enough rest and practicing relaxation techniques can also help stimulate milk production. Allowing baby to latch on directly can also help to stimulate milk flow and production.

Practical Tips for New Mothers:
Given Singapore’s hot and humid climate, it is recommended for new mums to stay comfortable and fresh with regular daily shower; you can consider using Eu Yan Sang’s Confinement Bath to keep the body warm and to avoid “chills entering the body”. Take care to towel dry and blow dry your hair thoroughly to avoid dampness.

Our 28-day Royal Confinement Care has been carefully curated by our TCM expert to provide nourishing soups for all 3 crucial stages of confinement: 

Stage 1 - Week 1: Clearing of Lochia & Uterus Recovery

The first stage of confinement concentrates on healing the uterus. A woman experiences significant blood loss when giving birth; even after delivery, the uterus continues bleeding until it contracts to normal size. The discharge, akin to menstrual flow, will gradually reduce in quantity as well as colour strength, from bright red to brown red to yellow.

In addition, you may experience pain due to blood clots in the uterus. Sheng Hua Soup is recommended at this stage to help the uterus recuperate, promote blood circulation and discharge to reduce stasis.

Stage 2 - Week 2/3: Moderate Replenishment

The body is still in the process of recovery at this stage, thus moderately boosting soups are recommended at Stage 2 for the body to gradually regain strength and energy balance.

Stage 3 - Week 4: Strengthen & Boost 

The last stage involves physical strengthening. Not only is good nourishment important for new mothers to regain their vitality, it also fights premature ageing and conditions the body/womb for future pregnancies. 
The set also provides 28 individually packs Red Dates & Dang Shen tea packs for convenient brewing and consumption throughout the 28 days.

It also includes a bottle of Confinement Tonic which is brewed with Bentong Ginger. This tonic can be added to confinement dishes to boost good circulation, expel wind and warm the body. New mums experiencing excessive wind and bloating discomforts can use the So Hup pills included in our Royal Confinement set. 

For modern-day new mothers in Singapore, balancing traditional practices with contemporary lifestyle demands is key. Incorporating nutritious meals, gentle exercises, and adequate rest into daily routines can help new mothers navigate the postpartum period effectively.