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3 Ways to Recharge Your Libido with TCM

Are things a little too peaceful in the bedroom? Try these natural remedies and you might find your love life perking up.

1. Spice up your diet with these natural ingredients

• Mutton, Chinese chives and walnuts

For both men and women, low libido is usually associated with Kidney-yang deficiency. Eating these foods could address the deficiency and restore balance.

• Cordyceps

Besides helping replenish Kidney Essence to promote libido, Cordyceps has a host of other health benefits, such as strengthening the immune system.

• Deer Antler

Deer Antler is known to be a powerful yang tonic. Ground into a fine powder and drunk with water or soup, it could help replenish the Kidney Essence and sustain energy levels. 

2. Get your mojo going with qigong

While qigong is seen as a gentle, calming exercise, its effects on your love life.
For men with impotence problems, an exercise such as the Cyclical Circulation Practice of Mao-you Period (卯酉周天功) may help restore virility. This is a breathing and meditation exercise that is designed to direct qi to the lower dan tian, an area in the lower abdomen. A qigong teacher would be able to advise on the best exercise for you.

3. Stimulate your qi through acupuncture

Depending on the root cause of a flagging libido, an acupuncturist can target specific points throughout the body to address imbalances.

Ask your acupuncturist to show you an acupuncture point, located on the inner ankle, known as taixi or great stream. Massaging this point with your partner may enhance sexual desire and energy and can be a form of foreplay.