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Advisory Board

Established since 2005, our Medical Board (MB) comprises both Western-trained medical specialists and TCM physicians to provide a balanced view of integrative medicine. Members include healthcare professionals from various medical specialities as well as representation from the clinic management.

One of the MB’s roles is overseeing standards of care in the development of TCM and Integrative Medicine clinical services for the Group and this includes the advisory on protocols for clinical documentation and clinical quality indicators. In the area of quality assurance, the MB advises on the quality and appropriateness of services provided, including clinic practices and clinic audits.

As for recruitment, the MB establishes the qualifications and experience required for prospective practitioners, and assists with interviews as well as endorsing their appointments. To ensure compliance and professionalism, the MB makes recommendations for the conduct and ethics of physicians.

Furthermore, the MB makes inquiries and investigates allegations of inappropriate conduct or practices when required.

The MB also recommends appropriate approaches to take when it comes to education and clinical research within the Group.

With these roles in mind, the MB meets at least once every quarter to elevate the clinical standards for the Group.

The MB consists of the following:


Dr Khoo Kei Siong
Deputy Medical Director and Senior Consultant,
Medical Oncology, Parkway Cancer Centre


Lim Swee Cheng
General Manager, Clinic Services,
Eu Yan Sang Integrative Health Pte Ltd


Dr Lau Tang Ching
Senior Consultant and Associate Professor,
Division of Rheumatology, University Medicine Cluster,
National University Hospital
Registered Acupuncturist

Dr Peter Loke Chi Wei
Managing Director & Family Physician, Mint Medical Centre
Partner, Resolvers Pte Ltd
Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Centre for Biomedical Ethics,
National University Hospital
Regional Medical Advisor, Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Principal Mediator, Singapore Mediation Centre


Tang Yue
Senior Physician,
Eu Yan Sang Integrative Health Pte Ltd

He Yu Ying
Associate Senior Physician,
Eu Yan Sang Integrative Health Pte Ltd


Alicia Lim Sock Ling
Registered TCM Physician
Manager, Clinical Affairs,
Eu Yan Sang Integrative Health Pte Ltd