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Retail & Distribution

We have an extensive distribution network of 256 retail outlets in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia and 2 restaurants in Malaysia. Apart from our retail outlets and online stores, our products are currently available at drugstores, pharmacies, medical halls, supermarkets, convenience stores, hospitals, health clubs and spas worldwide. 

In Australia, our wholly-owned subsidiary, Healthy Life Group Pty Ltd, operates a chain of 64 Healthy Life stores and a distribution business. It is one of the largest health food distributors in Australia, supplying over 3,500 products to around 600 independent retailers in the health food, pharmacy and grocery retail segments.

Our Network as at 30 September 2016

Region Retail Outlet F&B Outlet
Australia 64 -
China 5 -
Hong Kong 60 -
Macau 2 -
Malaysia 81 2
Singapore 44 -
TOTAL 256 2