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Crystalite Marine Collagen Essence PWP
  • Crystalite Marine Collagen Essence PWP
  • Crystalite Marine Collagen Essence

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Crystalite Marine Collagen Essence PWP

  • Crystalite Marine Collagen Essence PWP
  • Crystalite Marine Collagen Essence

Crystalite Marine Collagen Essence PWP

8888425431446 - 14 sachets x 15g


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Benefits of Crystalite Marine Collagen Essence

  • Pigmentation Prevention: Patented Gooseberry Extract which is 5 times stronger than common Antioxidants to prevent Age Spot.
  • UV Rays Protection: Patented Astaxanthin which effectively reduces skin damage by 36% to 65%.
  • Skin Hydration: Patented Lipowheat which improves skin hydration by 3 times.

Suitable For

  • Age 20 and above
  • Coffee lover
  • Frequent Traveller
  • Alcoholic beverages drinker
  • Smoker
  • Individual who stays up late
  • Individual who spends long hours in air-conditioned environment
  • Individual who is exposed to UV rays

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Crystalite Marine Collagen Essence

Crystalite Marine Collagen Essence

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    An Exclusive Fusion Formula Presenting The Best Of East And West.

    Crystalite Marine Collagen Essence comes with patented ingredients to combat visible signs of ageing. The enhanced formulation ensures rapid absorption, nourishing your skin from the inside, and giving you a youthful, hydrated, glowing and radiant complexion.

    Enhanced by TCM Wisdom

    • Tremella is a TCM herb frequently used by Eu Yan Sang herbalists. It supplies phyto-hyaluronic acid, which helps in skin firming by increasing moisture retention in the skin and smoothing fine lines.

    Leading the trend with sachet packaging

    With sachet packaging, we delight you with

    • Convenience on the go
    • Potency and freshenss ensured
    • Best absorption for maximum effect

    For Skin Firming

    Crystalite Marine Collagen Essence contains high strength hydrolysed marine collagen, extracted from deep sea cod fish. Infused with 18 amino acids and low in molecular weight, collagen can be easily absorbed by the body to firm up the skin. Patented Lipowheat (Wheat Extract) provides a powerful hydrating agent that reinforces the lipid barrier in the epidermis to help retain moisture and smoothen the skin texture.

    For Skin Whitening

    Patented Astaxanthin* (Micro-Algae Extract) is clinically proven to suppress pigmentation, improve visible sign of pre-mature ageing and skin condition. It helps to protect collagen fibres against harmful UV rays.

    For Skin Protection

    Rich in antioxidants, Crystalite Marine Collagen Essence slows down the ageing process with skin-loving ingredients to form a protective shield against damage caused by free radicals and improve skin tone.


    Marine Collagen (10,000MG), Sucrose, Vitamin C, Lychee Powder, Patented Gooseberry Extract, Tricalcium Phosphate, Patented Lipowheat Ceramide (Wheat Extract), Tremella Extract, Patented Astaxanthin (Micro-Algae Extract)


    Mix and serve with 200ml cold water, once daily. For best effect, consume 2 hours after dinner around 9pm

    Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. *Do not consume if seal is broken.

    This product is made of all natural ingredients. Thus, the flavour and colour may vary from batch to batch; this will not affect the quality and effectiveness of the product. Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women. Consumers with allergic reactions or existing medical conditions should consult your healthcare professional or doctor before use.

Did you know?

Crystalite Marine Collagen Essence contains 4 great ingredients to reduce up to 65% Skin Damage, offers 5X Stronger Pigmentation Preventation and helps to improve Skin Hydration by 3X.