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Pure Enzyme Detox Bundle
  • Pure Enzyme Detox Bundle
  • Personal Juice Blender
  • Pure Enzyme Detox Essence

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Pure Enzyme Detox Bundle

  • Pure Enzyme Detox Bundle
  • Personal Juice Blender
  • Pure Enzyme Detox Essence

Pure Enzyme Detox Bundle



Starbuy: $99 (RSP up to $179.70!) Weekend Special: GST Absorbed!

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Personal Juice Blender

Personal Juice Blender

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    Enjoy special price of S$99.00 with 2 boxes of Slender Gold Slimming Essence and 1 Personal Juice Blender!

    An Exclusive Fusion Formula Presenting The Best Of East And West.

    Enzyme is naturally produced in our body and is essential for wellness of all individuals. Age and other factors such as illness, exhaust the enzyme level in our body. Taking fruits and vegetables may replaced enzyme needed. Aided by TCM for weight loss.

    Pure Enzyme Detox Essence is a natural, tasty and refreshing drink for everyone to replenish the enzyme lost during the body ageing process and grind of daily urban living.

    Enhanced by TCM Wisdom

    • Hawthorn is a popular herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine used by countless generations. Hawthorn and quality natural enzyme work to produce the best effect.

    Leading the trend with sachet packaging

    With sachet packaging, we delight you with

    • Convenience on the go
    • Potency and freshenss ensured
    • Best absorption for maximum effect

    For High Strength

    • Pure Enzyme Detox Essence is enriched with highly concentrated and safe fermented extract to deliver enzyme activity.
    • When taking Pure Enzyme Detox Essence, food particles wil be further broken down to smaller size for absorption of useful nutrients and flushing out of unnecessary and unabsorbable waste with a healthy intestine. You will be able to cope with challenges of daily life and enjoy your culinary fare.

    Superior E.P.F Cultivation Method

    Pure Enzyme Detox Essence is produced using Exclusive Pure Culture Fermentation (E.P.F) method to extract the highest quality natural enzyme by using internationally approved beneficial bacteria. It is cultivated under stringent quality conditions to ensure that the phytonutrient is broken to smaller molecules for guaranteed effect.