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This Month's Highlight

We’re here to remind you the importance of your immune health + celebrate our 144th Anniversary with us this month! 

Eu Yan Sang’s Lingzhi and Cordyceps products are your perfect immunity duo to fortify your immune health, relieve fatigue, and give you an added boost of energy to live life to the fullest. Check out amazing $144 bundle deals with up to 61% savings in line with our 144th Anniversary, as our way to say thank you! Also, we’ve just dropped our all-new Confinement Care Pack Set with additional Booster Kits for you to choose from. 


Fortify your lungs, respiratory health, and overall immune fortress today! Our Lingzhi supplements contain 100% cracked spores, which are readily and easily absorbed by the human body. Benefits include strengthening your body’s resistance, promoting blood circulation, metabolism, digestion, and vitality. 

Eu Yan Sang’s Cordyceps contain potent benefits of Wild Cordyceps that stimulate ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) levels, which are essential for delivering energy to the muscles. Supercharge your energy, respiratory health, and immune system today! 

A big thank you for all your support these years, for us to be able to empower your health for 144 years and counting! We’re celebrating our 144th Anniversary with these Super Anniversary Deals which you won’t want to miss! Expect $144 bundles on our well-loved products such as Organic Drip Chicken Essence, Goji Essence Boost, Superior Bird’s Nest range and more!

We’ve launched these new confinement kits for all new mums & mums-to-be! Expect a comprehensive 28-day confinement care pack set that provides you with the nourishment you need to recover from childbirth. Our Confinement Care Pack set consists of Soups, Tonics, and Teas that can clear lochia, boost Qi, nourish blood, improve production of milk supply and more! Enjoy it now at $458 (member) or $488 (non-members), where you can save up to 31% (U.P. $668)!

Pair the new confinement set with an added Booster Kit for Recovery & Vitality or Booster Kit for Beauty & Wellness or both at $268 each (U.P $418)!