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1. Membership

i.   Eu Rewards membership is applicable to any person aged 18 years and above.

ii.  Membership commences upon payment of membership fees at the retail outlets.

iii.  A name change on the member’s record will be accepted upon written notification to Eu Yan Sang (Singapore) Pte Ltd (“EYSS”) using the Correction Request Form available at retail outlets.

iV.  Members can cancel their Eu Rewards membership at any time by submitting the appropriate written notification and returning the membership card to EYSS, at which time any outstanding benefits and privileges will be cancelled.

v.  Membership is not transferable and EYSS reserves the right to reject any application for membership.

vi.  The privileges and/or terms and conditions may be amended or withdrawn without prior notice at the discretion of Eu Yan Sang Group of Companies.

vii.  In case of dispute, EYSS reserves the right to make the final decision.

2. Use of Personal Information

In order to maintain Eu Rewards membership, EYSS needs to collect, use and disclose the personal data of each member in order to fulfill the following purposes:

i.   To provide membership status updates and other account-related information.

ii.  To facilitate membership-related transactions and services.

iii.  To market and communicate to you about Eu Rewards and Eu Yan Sang promotions, contests, events and lucky draws, etc.

iv.  To provide you with the services requested and to maintain our relationship with you.

v.   To identify products and services in which you may be interested; and market offers to you (by mail, email, telephone, SMS, via internet using other electronic means) in relation to such products and services.

vi.  To improve our products and services by bringing you wellness information, marketing materials, conducting research, analysis and development activities to enhance your membership experience with us.

vii.  Identity verification, due diligence checks so that you may continue to enjoy membership privileges. This includes storing, hosting and backing up of your personal data.

viii.  At times, we may need to disclose your personal data to third parties (and for them to process your personal data) for the above purposes.

ix.  We respect your choice of receiving marketing materials from us (“Marketing Purpose”) and will only communicate with you by way of voice call, text messages, postal mail and/or email as indicated by you in this application form. We may also disclose your personal data to third parties for the Marketing Purposes.

x.   By signing up for the membership programme, your consent will remain in place until you withdraw it or unit 36 months after you cease being a Eu Rewards member. If you wish to opt-out of receiving marketing information from us, you may contact us to update your privacy preference at any time, we will also, from time to time, contact you to ensure that the information we hold about your marketing preference is up to date.

Xi.  For legal and/or audit purposes.

We retain your personal data in accordance with legal, regulatory, business and operational obligations, and have in place robust security measure to safeguard your personal data. You have the right to make changes to your preferred mode of communications for us to get in touch with you at any time.

Enquiries: pdpo-eyss@euyansang.com or call 1800 888 1879.

1. 会籍

i.    所有18岁及以上者都可申请成为优质人生奖励计划会员。

ii.    会籍有效期从申请者于余仁生商店缴付会员费当天开始。

iii.   会员若要更换档案姓名,须填写资料更新表格给予余仁生(新加坡)私人有限公司(“余仁生”)书面通知。有关表格可向任何余仁生分行取。

iv.   会员随时通过适当的书面通知,取消优质人生奖励计划的会籍并归还会员卡。一旦会籍被取消,所剩余的优惠和奖励将一并作废。

v.    会籍不可转让。余仁生有权拒绝任何会籍申请。

vi.    余仁生公司集团有权更改会员条规,怒不事先通知。

vii.   若有任何争议,余仁生有权做最终决定。



i.    进行会员资料更新和其他与账户有关的事宜。

ii.    进行与会籍有关的交易和服务。

iii.    向您推介优质人生奖励计划及余仁生促销、竞赛、活动与幸运抽奖等。

iv.    提供您所要求的服务并与您维持良好的关系。

v.   辨识您或有兴趣的产品和服务,并通过邮件、电邮、电话、简讯、网络或其他电子媒介向您推介与该产品或服务有关的优惠。

vi.   为您提供保健和营销资讯以改进我们的产品与服务,以及为提升会员体检而进行的调查,分析和产品开发活动。

Vii.   核对身份及进行审查以确保您继续享有会员权益。 这包括储存、集结和为您的资料份。

viii.  于必要时 向第三方提供(并让他们处理)您的资料以进行上述活动。

ix.   我们尊重您对获取营销资讯所作出的选择。我们将按照您在申请表格上的意愿,以您所同意的方式如电话、简讯、邮件和/或电邮与您联系。我们或会向第三方提供您的资料以进行上述活动。

x.    一旦您签订成为会员即意味着您同意我们的会员条规,直至您取消会籍或优质人生奖励计划失效的36个月后为止。任何时候,若您,决定不要再收到营销资讯,请通知我们以更新您的隐私选择。我们也会不时联系您以确保我们拥有您最新的隐私选择。

xi.   供法律及/或审计使用。


询问详情请电pdpo-eyss@euyansang.com或拨电1800 888 1879