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Essence Of Chicken With Goji Berries & Red Dates 12's
  • Essence Of Chicken With Goji Berries & Red Dates 12's

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Essence Of Chicken With Goji Berries & Red Dates 12's

  • Essence Of Chicken With Goji Berries & Red Dates 12's

Essence Of Chicken With Goji Berries & Red Dates 12's

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888842543041 - 12x70g bottles/box

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Get this for:

  • Individuals with strained vision
  • Frequent users of technological gadgets
  • Students who needs to nourishes blood and calms the mind
  • Seniors who wants to enriches blood and improves visual acuity
  • New mothers-to-be who require prenatal nourishment

Additional Information


    Eu Yan Sang Essence of Chicken with Goji Berries & Red Dates uses modern technology to bring you superb convenience. You are now able to enjoy this full traditional nourishment without the hassle of long hours of cooking and preparation.

    Complement your daily diet with Eu Yan Sang Essence of Chicken with Goji Berries & Red Dates, a nutritious supplement that helps you stay on top of the game.

    Whether you are preparing for that important meeting, sports events or studying for your examinations, Eu Yan Sang Essence of Chicken with Goji Berries & Red Dates is an excellent nutritious drink for your needs. 

    Made from premium graded chicken, only Eu Yan Sang gives you 100% pure Essence of Chicken with no caramel added.  It is suitable for consumption by all ages and at all times, and can be taken chilled or warmed everyday.

    - 100% Natural
    - No Caramel Colouring
    - No Added Food Flavouring and Salt
    - No Added Preservatives
    - No Cholesterol
    - No Fat
    - Certified Halal


    Essence of Chicken, Red Dates (Hong Zao), Goji Berries (Gou Qi Zi), Liquorice Root (Gan Cao)


    Essence of chicken is a nutritional supplement to help increase metabolic rate and reduces mental and physical fatigue. Positive changes on the Electro encephalogram (EEG) of the brain are observed, with increased of alpha and beta waves. Increase activity of these waves’ results in increased alertness and mental concentration1,2.

    Teenagers and adults: 1 bottle daily served warm or chilled. May be taken on an empty stomach.
    For children under 12 years of age: half a bottle each time.

    Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Upon opening, please refrigerate and consume within 12 hours.
    *Do not consume the product if cap is damaged or tampered with. 


    Production Technology

    Essence of chicken is produced at GMP certified fully automated production plant. The completely stainless steel equipment is linked by stainless steel pipes that carry the essences from one process to another. As the actual process of distilling the essences is automatic, there is almost no human contact until the packing and packaging stage. The entire manufacturing process is conducted in a dust and bacteria-free clean room environment. 

    Essence of chicken is made from superior authentic premium graded chicken certified with Good Animal Husbandry Practice. During the manufacturing processes (which includes the double-brewing method), the unwanted fats and cholesterol are extracted. The essences are manufactured in a very high temperature environment to kill off bacteria. They are then capped and sealed automatically to maintain proper sterilization as well as to preserve the natural goodness of the brews.



Eu Yan Sang Essence of Chicken is the only Essence of Chicken in Singapore that does not contain caramel colouring.