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We believe that education is the key to preparing our next generation for socioeconomic success. By rendering support to educational causes, Eu Yan Sang invests in brighter futures.

2005 - Present: "One Year One School" Project

We started our flagship charity drive in Malaysia for the "One Year One School" project in 2005. The charity supports the building and refurbishing of primary schools. To date, the "One Year One School" project has raised more than RM$1.8 million and benefited 20 primary schools - namely Chung Hwa Klang Chinese Primary School, Ken Boon Chinese Primary School, Min Shing Chinese Primary School, Yeong Seng Chinese Primary School, Kampung Baru Semenyih Chinese Primary School, Pai Chai Penang Chinese Primary School, Yuk Choy High School, Sin Ming Chinese Primary School, Jasin Lalang Chinese Primary School, Union Chinese Primary School, Sg Moyang Chung Hua Primary School, Khay Beng Chinese Primary School, Kulai 1 Chinese Primary School, Manong Chinese Primary School, Parit Keliling Chinese Primary School, Nan Ya Primary School, Chong Hwa Sugai Ayam Primary School, Kampung Gajah Primary School, Bertam Ulu Primary School and Liat Choon Primary School.

Picture: One Year One School Project 2013

2008 - Present: Eu Yan Sang TCM Scholarship Programme

We launched the Eu Yan Sang TCM Scholarship Programme in Singapore to nurture talents in the field of Traditional Chinese medicine. The scholarship provides financial assistance to undergraduates enrolled in the Double-Degree Programme in Biomedical Sciences and TCM at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Eu Yan Sang has since awarded over S$480,000 to 17 promising scholars for their two year study at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.


Picture: Recipient of Eu Yan Sang TCM Scholarship 2017, Kong Teck Chuan