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Green Bean(綠豆)
  • Green Bean(綠豆)

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Green Bean(綠豆)

  • Green Bean(綠豆)

Green Bean(綠豆)

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  • 清热解毒,消暑
  • Detox and relieves heatiness

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    Green Bean 綠豆


    Recommended to rinse before cooking.

    储存方法:储存于阴凉干爽处, 避免阳光直接照射

    Store in a cool dry place. Avoid exposure to direct sun.


    Green beans are a type of plant cultivation and the crops are widely known in tropical regions. Plants belonging to the tribe of legumes (Fabaceae) has many benefits in everyday life as a vegetable source of high protein food. Green beans in Indonesia ranks as the third most important legume crops, after soybean and peanuts . The most economic value is the seed.

    Green beans boiled until soft and eaten as porridge or eaten directly. Mature seeds are crushed and used as fill onde-onde, bakpau, or gandas turi. Mung bean sprouts into a common vegetable eaten in East Asia and Southeast Asia and is known as bean sprouts. Green beans if boiled long enough will burst and the starch contained in the seeds will come out and thicken, become a kind of porridge. Wheat seed kacan g green, called on the market as hunkue flour, used in making cakes and tend to form gels. Flour can also be processed into noodles, known as glass noodles.

    Green bean is the one commodity that a lot of nuts eaten by the people of Indonesia. This plant contains many other nutritional substances are also useful for the treatment process. The agronomic and economic, green bean crops has advantages over other legume crops. To get the higher green bean is still possible if the constraints on growth can be overcome with appropriate farming technologies.

    The component technologies must noted in cultivation of green beans, among others:

    (1) the use of high yielding varieties, (2) land preparation, (3) planting, (4) fertilization, (5) the use of straw mulch, (6) weeding; (7) irrigation; (8) pest control; (9) to control the disease, and (10) harvest and postharvest. On dry land planting is generally done at the beginning of the rainy season where the water needs of green beans solely dependent on rainfall, the first month is needed rainfall 100-150 mm / month was the second month of between 50-100 mm / month


Diabetics can safely eat Green Mung Beans. The low glycemic index, fiber and protein help to regulate blood sugar. They also contain skin anti-aging properties that stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin, all essential to younger healthier skin. 2. Helps Lower High Blood Pressure

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